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Classic Solitaire is your basic solitaire game. You probably don't need me to explain it to you because you've probably seen it a thousand times by now.

You've got your four foundation piles. That's where you ultimately want all of your cards to go. Seven tableau piles. And a stock and waste pile for good measure.

This game has simple rules to play, but not always so simple gameplay. Can you win this one?

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Who couldn't use more cute and cuddly things in their life?

Here, at Aww Solitaire, you get that, as well as some of your favorite classic card games. We've got your basic solitaire which tons of people think is just "solitaire" as well as other classics. And we're working on more.

Maybe you're at work right now and can't hug your favorite animal. Just sit back, play some cards, and look at all of the cute cuddlies we have to offer instead.

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